WoW Warrior Leveling Guide Part 1: Introduction and Talents

WoW Warrior Leveling Guide

wow warrior leveling guideI love playing the Warrior class because of their solid leveling speed and exciting ability to kill opponents non-stop. Some people think Warriors are the slowest levelers, but their leveling speed can come close behind hunters and rogues of done correctly. In this WoW Warrior leveling guide, I’ll show you how to correctly play the Warrior so you easily level and crush your opponents.

Unlike Hunters, Warriors need gear all the time. They need to gear up more than the other classes. The AH (Auction House) gear can still work pretty well. Make sure you have enough Stamina and keep your weapons up to date. Check out other WoW Cataclysm guides for auction house tips.

At high levels, WoW warriors become unstoppable killing machines. It’s extremely fun to PvP and raid with Warriors at high levels. If you enjoy crushing your opponents with two 2-handed weapons, then keep reading this WoW Warrior leveling guide to learn how to correctly play this exciting class.

WoW Warrior Leveling Guide- Talent Builds for Fast Leveling

Your goal with leveling builds is to kill mobs as quickly as possible, with hardly any downtime. Your leveling build will be different than your lvl 85 PvP builds and Raid builds. For example, when raiding, you want to focus on as much damage as possible, while overlooking some survivability requirements. The opposite is true when you act as a tank- you want to reduce damage done to you as much as possible while having the Boss’s attention focused on you. Leveling is in between.

When your Warrior hits level ten, you have three different specialization options. You can choose either the Protection, Arms, or Fury spec. When you choose your spec, you’re committed to that until you buy 31 talent points. You don’t need to buy the top tier talent to access the other talent trees.

When you hit level 10 you pick from one of the three specializations: Arms, Fury, and Protection. Once you pick a spec you are locked into that spec until you buy 31 points worth of talents. (You can reset everything, and change specs, at your trainer, anytime, for a small charge.) You do not have to buy the top tier talent to open up the other trees, just 31 points used.

At level 40, you have the choice of being a death machine or tank when you get the dual build ability. Of course you’ll need 1k of gold.

You also get some bonuses when you pick a spec at level 10. Each spec of each class has its own perks. Also, each has a Mastery ability, which boosts some aspect of your other abilities. For example, your Mastery ability will increase your Enraged ability if you are a Fury Warrior.

Best WoW Warrior Leveling Guide- Zygor Guides

wow warrior leveling guideA bunch of people ask me how to level their Warrior faster. I always recommend the same thing- Zygor Guide’s leveling addon which automates the path from 1-85. The leveling guide tells you exactly where to go and what to do, making leveling up a piece of cake.

Unlike other guides which expire as soon as a new patch comes out Zygor’s is updated around the clock to ensure you’re always getting the most helpful information. Everything is automated to the point where you’ll never need another quest or class guide again. Never feel stressed about leveling again!

Grab your copy of Zygor here or read our review. Then hit level 85 before your friends and brag mercilessly : )

So now you have a good idea of what the Warrior class entails, click here for part 2 of the WoW Warrior leveling guide where we’ll dive into the fury build.

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