Paladin Healing Guide for Beginners Part 4: Talents

This is the 4th installment of the Paladin Healing Guide for Beginners. In this section, we’re going to be looking at talents. Of course, you should get the Holy spec:

This a pretty good start to Paladin healing. Since the change to the way Talents work, it’s a bit harder to determine with some 10 spare talent points which ones are ‘the best’ aside from Obvious talents such as Eternal Glory (Which is by the way, a LIFE saver), or Divinity. Play around with talents and find out which ones work best with you.

Now that we’ve got that out the way, I want to discuss with you some general rules for Paladin healing that I believe will be helpful:

Never spam Flash of Light. Ever. Never. One thing I see A LOT of Paladins doing is that they spam the fastest heal they can, because they worry that everyone is going down in one global. If there’s any piece of advice I want to give, it’s to relax. Breath. Your tank isn’t going to get one shot (Well, at least most of the time, anyway). Your DPS have a LOT of health. You don’t have to top them off, and doing so will make your mana drain very fast.

Your to-go to spell should be Holy Light. It’s enough to bring a players’ health up in case that they need it, and is bloody mana efficient as well.

Flash of Light is your emergency heal. If you see a player’s health go down progressively, or if you see that they have agro.

Divine Light is a spell I find myself primarily being used on the tank. Not only does it generate HP though our talent, Tower of Radiance, but it’s a little better to use it if they are dipping at 50% or just under.

Sometimes it’s not always your fault, but it can be perceived that way. When assessing a situation, you need to ask yourself many questions on the specific situation at hand. Is the tank undergeared? Are YOU undergeared? Did your DPS stand in fire? Did your DPS over agro? Just because you fail at something, it doesn’t mean that it’s always your fault. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do everything you can do to be better.

Running out of Mana can be easy. But are you doing everything you can to keep your mana up? I always Judge. ALWAYS. It provides at level 85 around 3.5K Mana and the CD is low enough to want to pop it ALL the time. Using Divine Plea is a bit more tricky — you need to go through encounters to decide when it’s best for you to use it.

This guide covers the basics of playing the Paladin in WoW. The KG Paladin Guide goes way in more depth and teaches you how to play your Paladin to your full potential! We highly recommend it if you’re serious about mastering your Paladin .

I find it *extremely* useful to use all my Hands. HoS is amazing to use when I’m bubbled and tank damage is high. You won’t believe how many times I’ve saved casters with HoP, and when glyphed, HoSalv is awesome when you have a DPS that’s going to go crazy on the charts.

These are fairly rudimentary rules to follow by, I suggest for a more in-depth look at what Triage is all about and how it’s important to you, to read this: . Created by Ashella, I highly recommend it as not only it’s a good read, but it details what healing is all about now.

If you’re hurting for some addons, I’ve actually made a thread for healing addons that I created on the healing forums a couple of weeks ago:

This is a work in progress, opinions, additions, and everything else in between is more than welcome. Thanks!

And that concludes our 4 part healing Paladin series. Thanks a lot to Practical for such an awesome guide!

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