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level 85 guides

Level 85 Guides is a World of Warcraft leveling guide that just popped up a couple of days ago. When I saw a tweet about it, my initial reaction was, “Not another lame WoW leveling guide.” I checked out the website, watched half of the video and thought no way anyone would ever buy this thing. It’s not even an ingame addon. It’s a written guide on a webpage. Have we gone backwards in time? I closed my browser and went back to what I was doing.

A couple of hours later, I saw another tweet about it. Why are people still talking about this generic WoW leveling guide?

I went back to the Level 85 Guides website and watched the second half of the video. It was then I realized how genius of an idea this was.

It blew my mind as I realized this is the future of World of Warcraft guides.

Level 85 Guides- The First WoW Guides Membership Site

level 85 guidesIn the second half of the video, for those of you who couldn’t spare the 11 minutes to watch it, Tim explains that Level 85 Guides is sort of like a video membership site. You pay a one time subscription and get unlimited access to the 200+ leveling videos on the site. You can even watch these in your WoW window.

But what’s cooler is that since it’s online, he can update it anytime with anything he wants. The content doesn’t have to be confined to leveling. For example, one day, he can put up a video about a highly profitable gold farming spot.

The close circle of subscribers will have access this exclusive spot that 99% of World of Warcraft players don’t. Think about how much of an advantage this gives you over others!

Then, I researched a little about the creator of Level 85 Guides, Tim Sullivan. He was the founder of WoWhead.com, the largest World of Warcraft database site. It’s comforting to know that the Level 85 Guides were created by a key person in the World of Warcraft community, rather than some random marketer. Tim has a passion for WoW, reflected in the 1.5 Terabyte of videos he’s created to help us level faster.

Level 85 Guides – Quality

level 85 guides

As far as the actual video of the Level 85 Guides, they’re the best I’ve ever seen.  The video quality is all HD. The presentation is also very solid. Have you ever watched a WoW gameplay video, but just couldn’t stand the person talking?

Well, Tim is a very good speaker and explains everything very clearly. He also knows what he’s talking about and much of the guide is based on specialized WoW database queries rather than some dude’s personal leveling preferences.

These videos are quite entertaining to watch. Great supplements to playing WoW. They make the overall World of Warcraft experience more enjoyable and exciting.

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Level 85 Guides- Leveling Speed

Initially I thought that the video and text guides were not really the most efficient ways to level to 85. For example, Zygor Guides is an ingame addon that tells you exactly what to do and where to go, while you’re playing the game, so you reach 85 as quickly as possible. Watching a video and reading the guide step by step isn’t as efficient.

However, many players aren’t trying to reach 85 as quickly as possible. Most just want to enjoy the game and level at their own pace. These Level 85 Guides are perfect for that. Leveling becomes so much more relaxed and enjoyable when you can just chill back and watch the video, know exactly what to do, then go do it!

This is also a great guide for new players who want to see things visually rather than reading directions and following them.

Level 85 Guide Pros

  • Excellent Videos – Videos are very easy to follow and eliminates any confusion and frustration from not knowing what to do
  • Frequent & Free Updates– Tim is an avid WoW player himself so he’s always updating videos to keep up with patches while adding new videos
  • Ingame Browser- This is one of the coolest addons I’ve ever seen. Waiting for a dungeon? Lay back and watch a video to pass the time!
  • Noob Friendly – The Level 85 Guides is perfect for WoW beginners, although experienced players  will also find the videos and guides helpful

Level 85 Guides Cons

  • Slower leveling– I’m not saying the quests routes aren’t optimized- they certainly are. But watching a video first, then following the instructions will make reaching 85 longer. Obviously, you can just skip the videos and follow the guide.
  • No Free Trial- I wish there was a free trial so everyone could get a sneak peak of what’s inside and decide whether or not they want the membership. However, there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

Level 85 Guides – Final Verdict

I’m glad I signed up for a membership and got a chance to check out these guides. I used to swear by Zygor guides, but now I think I’ll just crack open a beer, sit back and watch a couple of videos before tackling leveling up myself

In conclusion, if you’re only focused on getting from 1 to 85 as quickly as possible, get Zygor Guides. If you want to actually have fun playing WoW and want a cooler, more enjoyable leveling experience, then get this freakin guide!

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Hope this Level 85 Guides review was helpful!.

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