Fast WoW Leveling Guide

Fast WoW Leveling Guide- Accelerate Your Leveling Speed!

If you are looking for a fast WoW leveling guide, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find strategies and tips on how to level faster than lightening. You’ll find the best free fast WoW leveling guide as well as the best paid WoW leveling guides to help you level faster than greased lightening!

Why Use a Fast WoW Leveling Guide?

fast wow leveling guide

Let’s face it. Leveling up your character from 1-85 can be a pain. Grinding aka killing creeps repetitively is boring and doesn’t allow you to level as fast as completing quests. However, without a decent leveling guide, you may take just as long trying to figure everything out yourself.

I’m going to assume you’re not a total WoW freak and have other things going on in your life- a 9-5 job, hobbies, friends, or even a girlfriend (gasp!). Having a solid fast WoW leveling guide will save you massive amounts of gameplay time, granting you more time to spend doing what you like, instead of slaving away at your computer in frustration for hours at a time.

If there was a way to cut your leveling time in half, what would you do with the time saved? Think about that answer because it’s really possible to save that much time!

The Best Free Fast WoW Leveling Guide

After searching all over the web, we’ve found a couple of solid free fast WoW leveling guides. It was difficult finding a good guide since not many were updated to take into account the Cataclysm updates. While nowhere near as easy to use and fast as Zygor’s, these guides are a good place to start if you don’t want to spend money but desperately need some guidance.

I’ve used a couple of these leveling guides myself and thought they were okay. Definitely better than trying to figure everything out yourself. Keep in mind that the fast WoW leveling guide that you’ll find for free may be a bit buggy and won’t cover all the zones.

Fast WoW Leveling Guide- Level 1-10*

Fast WoW Leveling Guide- Level 11-15

Fast WoW Leveling Guide- Level 15-20

Fast WoW Leveling Guide- Level 20-25

Fast WoW Leveling Guide- Level 25-60- None available

Fast WoW Leveling Guide- Level 60-70 – Outland

Fast WoW Leveling Guide- Level 70-80 – Northrend

Fast WoW Leveling Guide- Level 80-85 – Cataclysm

*If you need a fast WoW leveling guide for starting out, I actually recommend downloading the free trial of Zygor Guides instead of using the paper guides above. The trial is fully functional and help you levels through 1-13 with lightening fast speed. Click here for the trial.

I also searched all over the web and couldn’t find an updated free fast leveling guide for levels 25-60 and 83-85. These may be uploaded soon on WoW Pro.

The Best Overall Fast Wow Leveling Guide

fast wow leveling guide

Zygor’s Elite Leveling Bundle- A real time saver!

If you’re like me and are looking for a comprehensive fast WoW leveling guide that will take you all the way from level 1-85, look no further. I’ve personally tested many WoW leveling guides and found Zygor Guides to be the most reliable and fastest.

What makes Zygor’s guide the best WoW leveling guide? Simple. It’s super simple to use and it delivers results. Many users have reported going from level 1 to 85 in less than 7 days. Some can hit level 85 in under 5 days. And yes, its completely safe and legal.

When I first tried Zygor Guides personally, I was a little skeptical I had tried many other leveling guides (mostly free ones) without much success. I soon fell in love with it. It was incredibly simple to install and use.

Zygor’s fast WoW leveling guide features a Smart Injection System (SIS) which synced to my character, giving me the perfect place to start, and ultimately saved me tons of time. I also liked how little space on the screen it takes up, giving me more room to enjoy the game.

fast wow leveling guide

Talent tree adviser tells you exactly how to spend talent points!

The talent tree advisor was nice because I always had trouble deciding how to spend my talent points. It saved me a great deal of alt+tabbing and hunting the web for talent builds. I leveled up my mage to 85 in only 7 days using this guide, compared to the 21 days it took my first character. If you want an incredible WoW Cataclysm guide, this is the one to get.

But don’t take my word for it. Here are some real reviews from people who have tried Zygor’s fast wow leveling guide:

fast wow leveling guidefast wow leveling guidefast wow leveling guide

I don’t want to turn this into an ad for Zygor’s guide (kinda too late lol..), but I really can’t speak highly enough of it. If you’re serious about saving tons of time and leveling your character as quickly as possible, do yourself a favor and download the free trial to see for yourself!

Click here to turn into a  leveling machine:

So that’s about it. If you have any more info related to a fast WoW leveling guide (and if you find any good free ones), feel free to leave a comment!

fast wow leveling guide

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