The Best WoW Leveling Guide

What is the Best WoW Leveling Guide?

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for a bunch of years now and I’ve seen many WoW leveling guides- some great, some decent and some absolutely garbage. When I first started, I only used free guides. There was no “best WoW leveling guide review” at the time. These were okay but became quickly outdated as Blizzard made more and more updates. I didn’t want to buy a commercial guide because I didn’t think there was much an ebook could tell me that I couldn’t figure out from playing countless hours of the game.

best wow leveling guide

I got more and more frustrated leveling my alt and at one point almost wanted to stop playing the game altogether. Grinding was so tedious and boring. Questing was difficult because I didn’t know what to do. It frustrated me knowing it would take months before I would get another level 85. Right before I was going to uninstall WoW and call it quits, I decided to try out Zygors Guides.

I couldn’t be happier with the results. I was blown away at how fast I was able to go from level 1 to 10. I decided to purchase the Horde and Alliance Package and synced it with my level 40 something hunter. I reached 85 in  more than HALF the time it took with my first character. Now, I can’t even imagine leveling a character without Zygor Guides. This guide has saved me so many days of leveling, it’s not even funny.

Why Zygor Guides is the Best WoW Leveling Guide

As I mentioned in the top WoW Cataclysm guides post, you can’t go wrong with either Zygors, Dugi’s or Boosters. But I personally think that Zygor Guides is one of the best WoW Cataclysm guides for a couple of main reasons.

  1. Leveling speed– I consider Zygor the best WoW leveling guide in that it will take you from 1- 85 in the shortest time possible. Almost every single Zygor users can agree that Zygor has the most optimized quest routes compared to other guides.
  2. Quality over quantity– The quality of this guide blows most other guides out of the water. Great user interface, smooth and efficient quests, smart injection system, etc. Sure Zygor Guides doesn’t have a Gold, Professions or Dungeons guide (yet), but the exceptional quality of their leveling guide makes up for it.
  3. Fast support and updates– They have 24 hour support, so if you have any problems, they’ll help you out right away. Bugs are fixed insanely quickly almost immediately after emailing their support team. They are also working around the clock to update the guide as soon as new patches come out.

And here’s some of the finer details that truly make Zygor Guids stand out as the best WoW leveling guide:best wow leveling guide

  1. Smart Injection System– makes jumping into the guide at any level really easy
  2. Insanely optimized routes– Zygor’s guide will have you pick up most of the quests in an area even if you won’t be doing they right away just so you won’t have to go back and get quests when you’re out in the area to kill or get the items for that quest from a previous quest. Other guides aren’t nearly as efficient.
  3. Custom waypoint arrow– Never get lost again. Zygor’s in-game waypoint arrows tells you exactly which direction to go and how far. It works a lot smoother than addons like TomTom that other guides have.
  4. Talent adviser– No more switching back and forth between the game and WowHead to research talents. This guide tells you the best talents for your class.

If I had to pick one word to summarize Zygor Guides, it would be quality.

I don’t want to dismiss other companies work since their guides will help you hit level 85 a lot faster as well. But I pick Zygor as the best WoW leveling guide because I can tell they’re making guides for the love of the game, not just for profit, and it definitely shows.

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