20K Leveling Guide

20K Leveling Guide – My Honest Review

20K Leveling Guide

Another World of Warcraft gold guide? Ugh. There are so many “super secret WoW gold guides” on the market that I tend to dismiss any guide I come across as a piece of junk. As per request of my readers, I did decide to take a look at Markco Polo’s (is that his actual name? lol) 20K Leveling Guide for World of Warcraft.

Below is my 100% honest and unbiased 20K Leveling Guide review.

20K Leveling Guide Claims

So the 20k Leveling Guide claims to teach you gold strategies (updated for Cataclysm) that will help you make over 3000 gold per hour. No farming necessary. At first, I thought “Uh sure. Which WoW gold guide DOESN’T claim that?”

20k Leveling Guide

But when I actually got my hands on a copy, I was pretty surprised.

One of the biggest thing that shocked me was that the 20k Leveling Guide doesn’t JUST consist of farming spots. I’ve seen gold guides that reveal awesome farming spots. While these do work for a while, they become useless when too many players find about them (*COUGH*COUGH gold secrets, secret gold, wow millionaire, wow schools COUGH*) . 20K Leveling comes with a list of great farming spots which are constantly being updated.

I later learned that Markco is one of the most respected “gold guru’s” in the WoW community. He has own blog, podcast, and has done countless interviews. This guy’s legit. Head over to his blog and read a couple of posts and you’ll soon see that this guy is a freakin genius. No one understands the auction house and WoW economics in general better than him. Here’s an example of one of one of his video tips:

Anyways, back to the 20K Leveling Guide review. The thing that impressed me the most about this guide is that it actually contains gold making strategies that work on a consistent basis. There are thousands of strategies for making gold on WoW, most of which get outdated. But the 20K leveling guide contains the fundamental things you need to be doing in order to be making massive amounts of gold to buy the mounts and gear you need.

I was familiar with a bunch of the concepts he taught (since I’ve been playing WoW for over 5 years) but there were still a TON of gems that has helped my gold making. I loved how everything is laid out in an easy to understand, step by step manner.

What separates the 20K Leveling Guide from the other guides is quality and professionalism (although the layout could be a little better). Most gold guides are created by marketers who throw everything together in a few hours. You can immediately tell that Markco is very passionate about WoW and helping others play it to their full potential.

My Favorite Features of the 20K Leveling Guide

–       Daily routine– Markco teaches a simple routine involving Auctioneer that you do for 15 minutes every day. After a while it becomes a habit and gold just seems to flow in.

–       Lifetime membership and updates – When the 4.0.3 patch came out, the 20k Leveling Guide was updated shortly afterward. You always get the latest, most relevant information on how to make a ton of gold!

–       Making gold with item X – Markco reveals an item he used to make a 600% return on investment. I laughed when first I read about it. But I tried his strategy and was surprised that it worked for me.

–       Auction house guides – If you been playing WoW for a while now, you are aware that the AH is where the money is. Like I mentioned earlier, Markco is an auction house genius and his tips will help turn you into an Auction House tycoon. Yes, it is a little theory heavy, but the 10 day guide is a really great action plan to follow and pretty much turned me from a basic Auctioneer to an advanced one.


No World of Warcraft guide is perfect and there’s one thing about the 20k Level Guide that annoyed me. The guide is only available online. This is a great feature in that Markco can update it easily (and trust me, he does), but I couldn’t access it on my laptop when I didn’t have an internet connection. Not that big of a deal, but I wish there was a way to sync it to my computer so I can view it offline.

20K Leveling Guide Summary

So in conclusion, I’m really glad I picked up a copy of this WoW gold guide to review. It’s unlike any other garbage gold guide out there and actually helped me make more gold in a few weeks.

A note: If you’re only looking for shortcuts and “get rich quick” tactics, this guide is not for you. However, if you want to take the time to learn the methods of making massive amounts of gold on a consistent basis, then look no further.

Update (2/09): Order the 20K Leveling Guide from my link below and I’ll give you a free copy of my Auction House Profits Analyzer spreadsheet tool. AH millionaires across all servers are using analytical spreadsheets and it’s what separates the “filthy rich” from those who are “doing okay.” Act quick cause I’m not offering this for long.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you need this guide, do yourself a favor and get the 20K Leveling Guide today and dominate gold making on your server!

20K Leveling Guide20K Leveling Guide

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