1-85 Leveling Guide

1-85 Leveling Guide

A 1-85 leveling guide is a huge shortcut to the level cap in World of Warcraft. Most new players take 20+ days of playing time to reach 85. That’s over 480 hours of continuous play time!

A good 1-85 leveling guide can drastically shortcut that. Players average 7 days to hit level 85, while some more advanced WoWers can reach the cap in under 5 days with leveling guides.

If you value your time, or just want to get to level 85 as quickly as possible to unlock the fresh, new exciting world of endgame content- heroics, dailies, raids, etc- following a leveling guide will help you get to where you want to be in a much shorter timespan and end any frustration or stress associated with leveling and gaining XP.

Free 1-85 Leveling Guide

These are free 1-85 leveling walkthroughs for Alliance and Horde.

1-85 leveling guide1-85 leveling guide

1-85  leveling guide for Alliance

1-85 leveling guide for Horde

The above free 1-85 leveling guide for Horde and Alliance have both been tested and optimized for speedy leveling. The only downside is that they’re a pain to use while you’re playing the game. You have to keep switching between windows.

1-85 Leveling Guide – Top 3 Guides

If you want to skyrocket your leveling, you need an in-game 1-85 leveling guide. In-game guides provide the fastest quest routes and are optimized to make sure you reach level 85 as quickly as humanely possible.

While some players enjoy the lore of the World of Warcraft story line and like to level at their own pace, others want to reach level 85 as quickly as possible, so they can raid with their buddies, participate in high level dungeons, etc.

If this is you, these are the top 3 1-85 leveling guides that we’ve personally tested. They will all allow you to enjoy a fast, exciting and stress-free leveling experience!


1-85 leveling guide

1-85 leveling guide

If you’ve been playing WoW for a while, you have probably heard of Zygor guides. Zygor Guides is the most popular and reliable in-game leveling guide. Zygor Guides automates the 1-85 leveling process for you, so you it’s guaranteed that you reach level 85 in the shortest time possible.

One funny thing is when players first start using Zygor Guides, they level so fast that thier friend wonder if they’re dabbling with hacks or power leveling services! However, It’s completely legal and thousands of WoW players are taking advantage of it already.

1-85 leveling guideClick here to try Zygor Guides for free!


1-85 leveling guide

1-85 leveling guide

This is a pretty new guide that we’ve check out and really liked. Level 85 Guides is a membership video site that contains hundreds of WoW leveling, gold making, and other tutorial videos in HD. The creator of these videos is founder/former-CEO of WoWhead.com.

While you won’t get that “leveling on crack” experience as you will with Zygors, watching the Level 85 Guides videos does make leveling more fun and relaxing. The videos are constantly updated, so it’s sort of like being part of an ultra-exclusive club where you learn strategies and tricks that 99% of World of Warcraft players don’t know.

1-85 leveling guideClick here to read the full Level 85 Guides review

1-85 leveling guide

1-85 leveling guide

The Booster’s Speed Leveling Package is similar to Zygor Guides. They claim that it’s the fastest leveling guide on the market. We’ve never leveled a character all the way from 1-85 using Booster’s Leveling Guide but we have used it to level pretty freakin fast. It’s very similar to Zygor Guides. The one difference is that it does have an extra glyph helper which comes in handy at times.

1-85 leveling guideClick here to read the full Booster Leveling Guide review

What to Look For in a Professional 1-85 Guide

If you want to take your leveling to the next level- leveling on steroids as some players call it, then we recommend using one of the above professional 1-85 leveling guides. Some of these have free trials that you comes in very handy for starting a new alt. These are the features of paid leveling guides you should look for:

1-85 leveling guide*In-game addon. This saves you from having to print out the guide and going back and forth between it and the game. Or even worse, having to alt + tab back and forth between screen.

*Optimized quest route. The correct quest order will save you a massive amount of time. A good 1-85 leveling guide should have been tested to provide the optimal quest orders.

*Covers all the zones. A solid 1- 85 level guide should cover all the zones- Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend, Outland, Cataclysm Zones, etc.

1-85 leveling guide*Waypoint arrow that shows you exactly where to go. This is so helpful for finding hard to find monsters or items.

*Class detection. The addon should be able to detect your class and adjust accordingly so you truly get the fastest leveling experience.

Don’t let leveling become stressful and tedious, use a 1-85 leveling guide and have more fun playing WoW!

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